Staging Recommendations for 119 Maple Avenue

for-saleThank you for inviting me into your charming home and for putting your trust in me. I promise to do whatever I can to help you prepare your real estate for sale in a competitive market. It’s my pleasure to be able to give you the benefit of my years of experience as a professional house stager.

As I mentioned when I visited, prospective buyers cannot see beyond your furnishings and decorating, and they are often put off by a home that looks lived-in. For this reason, you need to make your home look much less lived-in, even though you will still be living in it while you are trying to sell it.

You need to de-clutter and de-personalize everything before you list your home for sale. You will want to present a “blank slate.” That said, it should be an “upscale” blank slate. (You will notice below that I recommend repainting some portions of your house in a neutral color. Slate is actually a very popular neutral color. Be careful, however, not to purchase “Blank Slate,” which is neutral but not quite upscale.)

Room-by-room suggestions:


  • This room should have no more than 6 muddy footprints on the floor, and none on the walls or ceiling
  • If you need to keep boots in this room, they should be high end rain boots
  • Paint the inside of the front door to the house a neutral color


  • Remove all cabinets; buyers want to see openness
  • Replace overhead light fixture with skylight
  • Remove oven unit and range; buyers prefer not to know that someone has cooked in “their” kitchen
  • Paint walls and trim in a neutral color


  • Remove all artwork, photographs, diplomas, professional licenses, and tapestries from all walls.
  • Remove all photographs, knickknacks, gewgaws, and tchotchkes from all shelves
  • Remove all shelves
  • Reduce the number of books on any built-in, non-removable shelves to 12.5%; add curated selection of upscale decorative items (I can provide for an additional charge)
  • Relocate television set to second bedroom


  • Remove all but 2 chairs from around the table; your house can feel like a home, not like a bordello


  • Remove all personal photographs (but keep the one with the old man and the donkey)
  • Remove all clothing from walk-in closet; replace with 300 black balloons
  • Reduce clothing in second closet by 13/16ths
  • Reduce hangers by 1
  • Repaint neutral colored walls and trim in a different neutral color


  • Remove every third tile from walk-in shower; replace removed tiles with recycled wine corks


  • Remove everything from walls, especially “One Direction” poster
  • Relocate the television set previously brought into this room from the living room to the third bedroom


  • With a television set, this room will be perfect


  • Remove all plumbing fixtures except the bathtub; toilets and sinks are too personal
  • Add a second bathtub in a neutral color


  • Remove all shelves, pegboards, and hooks
  • Reduce number of golf clubs by 7
  • Replace 1969 Pontiac with a late-model Buick


  • Paint all surfaces in a neutral color (you may need a special primer for the glass)


  • No pets (or pet cages) excepting the two chameleons in the neutral colored terrarium. Consider scaling up to a larger tank.
  • Buyers prefer short, non-odd addresses. See if you can have the street number of your house changed from 119 to 44.
  • If at all possible, relocate your house to a road with a more neutral name, such as Slate Street or Beige Lane.