Quizzes on the Dark Net

Are You A Feminist or a Phlegmy Botanist?

Are You More Supple Than the President?

Quiz: Why.

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Which Spiritual Retreat Where You Bathe in Cat Blood Is Right for You?

Are Turtles Sexual?

Quiz: Which Artisanal Piece of Shit Is in This Burlap Sack?

Which Frozen Head Are You?

Which Wheel of Time Character Are You?

Quiz: Which Lord of the Rings Character Loves You?

Quiz: Which Lord of the Rings Character Loves You But Does Not Have Time for this Right Now?

Quiz: Which Lord of the Rings Character Doesn’t Love You But Finds Your Fat Fingers Endearing Because of a Baby Fetish?

Quiz: Are You Sure About This?

Which Section of Forever 21 Are You?

Which Fold of Matthew Mcconaughey’s Skin Are You?

Quiz: How Long Will You Be Emotionally Buffering?

HEY: Why Is Everything Sticky.

Quiz: Which Masters Degree Would Be Perfect for You If We Didn’t Live in a Broken Country?

Quiz: Which One of the Two of Us Is Most Like Your Dad? Or… Least? I Don’t Understand Women

Which Taylor Swift Song Will You Shoehorn Into the Vast Complexities of Your Last Breakup?

What Percent Left Shark Is Your Stupid Butt

Which Pretentious Writer Who Calls Places “Characters” Are You?

How Different Is Your Dream Life from This Shit?

Are You Good Girlfriend Material or a Worthless Pile of Potatoes?

Quiz: Are You Happy or Are You Going to Take This Quiz?