Modern Baby-Sitter’s Club Book Titles

Claudia and the Trouble with Gluten Allergies

A fun pizza party with a new client turns into a total disaster!


Mary Anne and the Only Child

Is it really necessary to keep letting Ethan win at checkers? He’s not even playing by the actual rules of the game!


Kristy and the Teddy Bear Webcam

No wonder Mrs. Jones always seems to know who actually polished off all the organic lemonade.


Mallory and the Dad Who Gives Extra-Long Hugs

Mr. Greene sure is a friendly guy! But why would he need a babysitter when his wife and kids are out of town?


Jessi and the Mystery of the Wi-Fi Password

Is that a “5” or an “S”? It’s impossible to know for sure—and the bratty Hooper twins aren’t telling!


Dawn Gets Emancipated

That’ll teach Ms. Schafer to try and leave Stoneybrook! No one ever leaves Stoneybrook.


Logan Loves Snapchat

But Mary Anne isn’t so sure about it. Logan swears the pictures disappear—but do they really?


Stacey and the Type 1 Childhood Diabetes Epidemic

Stacey is not alone anymore with her disease—not by a long shot! But does this mean she’s less special now?


Kristy and the Social Media Misadventure

Who knew that badmouthing a client’s obnoxious kid on Facebook would come back to haunt you?!


Mallory and the Little Overachievers

The Hudson triplets have traveled the globe, speak three languages, and are six sigma black belts, and no, Mallory, they’re not really interested in building a little theater and putting on a hand-puppet show, thanks.


Claudia Texts and Drives

That telephone pole seriously came out of nowhere! Now Claudia’s parents are threatening to take her iPhone away. How can life be so unfair?


Shannon and the Double-Crossing Netflix Recently Viewed History

Is there any way to turn that thing off?! Or is Shannon going to have to cover her tracks by watching the beginning of eighteen episodes of Veggie Tales?


Mary Anne and the Missing Treasury Fund

Why did Mary Anne believe Logan when he promised he could double their investments in a month?


Abby and the Viral Video

When a clip of Abby wearing a wig and dancing to Britney Spears gets a million hits on YouTube, can she get on the Today Show? And will she ever be hired to babysit in Stonybrook again?


Dawn and the Helicopter Parents

Dawn resents having to check in with Mr. and Mrs. Hirsch every fifteen minutes so they can make sure little Dakota is still practicing the violin.


Claudia and the Internet Parental Control Filter

How is Claudia supposed to spend an entire evening at the Bransons’ without Tumblr?


Jessi and the Kids Who Have Never Had Sugar

The Gordon children seem happy, but seriously? What kind of life is that?


Kristy and Too Many Extracurriculars

She’s a volunteer tutor, Captain of the French Club, and does two sports a year, and that’s not enough for UConn?!


Mallory and the Unlocked Medicine Cabinet

Mr. and Mrs. Weatherby will never miss a few expired Oxycodones, right? Mallory’s willing to bet on it.


Dawn Orders a Moon Cup

And everyone’s already sick of hearing about it. We get it, Dawn. It’s really environmentally friendly and great. Can we please move on?


Jessi and the Third-Grader Who Live-Tweeted His Babysitting Experience

Jessi is getting too old for this.