Before You Shake Your Moneymaker

After removing your new Moneymaker from its carton, carton inserts, and polybags, we suggest that you save all packaging materials in case future shipping of the unit is required.

From your home phone, call the toll-free number shown on the sticker on your Moneymaker. You will be prompted to enter the 24-digit serial number on the underside of your Moneymaker and your ZIP code. When these have been confirmed by the automated system, your Moneymaker will be activated.

Peel off the toll-free number sticker from your Moneymaker.

If your model of Moneymaker has a spoiler, connect it securely using the tool provided.

Set the date and time by following the on-screen prompts.

Your Moneymaker will periodically ask for your permission to download updates to its operating software. It is recommended that you allow your Moneymaker to perform these updates as soon as feasible. Sometimes you will need to restart your Moneymaker.

Back up your Moneymaker often.

Consult a physician before beginning any rigorous regimen of physical activity, whether it includes shaking your Moneymaker or not.

Do not operate your Moneymaker if any opening is blocked; keep openings free of dust, lint, hair, and anything that might reduce air flow.

Close supervision of your Moneymaker is required when shaken near children.

Do not operate your Moneymaker in the presence of explosive fumes.

Always wear a helmet.

When cleaning your Moneymaker, the exterior may be wiped with a damp cloth, but only when the unit is off.

Your Moneymaker should provide you years of enjoyment. When it has reached the end of its useful life, your Moneymaker display will flash the message {{REPLACE.}}

Please bring an expired unit to an authorized recycling facility. Do not discard it with your household trash. Do not incinerate.

Now, get shaking!