A Woman’s Place Is in the Cave



Woman’s place in cave. Cave best for woman. Man go out, fight mastodon, saber-tooth tiger. Weak man find berry. That OK too. But woman’s place is in cave.

It natural separation of sexes. Man in wilderness, woman in cave. As Chuck intended. Chuck is sun god. Keep mean to give sun god new name.

Some say woman’s place not in cave. Some say woman do as she please. This very dangerous idea. If woman not in cave, cave fall into disrepair and disharmony. When man come home to cave at night, cave not ready for him. Fire not burning. Favorite drawings not on wall. Children still awake, pester Daddy, ask Daddy what stars are. For last time, Daddy not know.

Here proof that woman’s place in cave. Woman on average smaller than man.


Maybe you think this unfair to woman. Not true. Woman have much say in cave. Placement of wolf pelt, for example. Should it hang on wall or lie on floor? Up to woman.

Unless man want it hang on wall. In which case, wall. Obviously.

Other day I hear woman say woman’s place not in cave. Then man say it too. They say woman and man equal. Then they say it wrong woman get statistically fewer seeds when trading than man. I just laugh. Woman’s seed earning is far less important issue than rock deficit. They not have priorities in order.

Also, why woman trade in first place? Woman’s place in cave. That Chuck’s plan.

What next? Woman ask to fight alongside man in war against Tree Clan? Ha! Ridiculous. Woman is distraction on battlefield. Man’s emotions get better of him when woman around. Make him not throw spear accurately, or rock if man forget spear. Then disaster. Tree Clan win. You know Tree Clan not even worship Chuck? Pray to god of sea instead.

Tree Clan is clan of madness.

In conclusion, woman’s place is in cave. It natural.

Also I deeply afraid that own masculine self-image will evaporate if woman put on equal footing as man, and my life mean nothing because identity arbitrarily wrapped up in superficial differences between genders.

But mostly it natural.